Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas for Summer 2020

After all that we have collectively been through so far in 2020, hitting the beaches again will make us feel #blessed. The sun, the waves, the people. But where there are people, there are people watching, and when there is watching going on, you want to look your best. Whether you’re vacationing or staycationing, let’s discuss some beach vacation outfit options. 

Go-To Beach Clothes for Summer 2020

What is an outfit except perfectly picked pieces all fitting together like a fashionable puzzle? You’ll need to know the basics so that you can build a beach style that works for you. 

The SwimsuitVacation outfits - Swimsuits

The swimsuit is the height of beach clothes for women. It gives you a chance to strut your stuff or to know you can walk into the ocean with abandon. Figure out if you’re looking for cute, sexy, or simple utility. Check out the OMG collection to get inspo.

The Dresses

The Dresses

People usually opt for short and simple here, like a sundress or shirt dress. But if you don’t mind the sand situation, maxis are a great choice, especially if you want to look more put together. 

Boho is in. Just make sure the material is light and breathable, like cotton, linen, or chambray. 

The Bottoms


Shorts are a natural way to create a casual, potentially sportier look. And a flowing skirt or sarong wrap pairs well with a bikini top or over a one piece. Wide-legged pants, or straight leg trousers with the ends cuffed, will work for anyone who wants to cover up a little more. For 2020, paper bag and high-waisted styles are in style.

The Cover-Ups

The Cover-Ups

Kimonos, airy cardigans, button-front shirts all work and can even be tied into a crop top if that is the look you are going for. You can also throw on any type of top over your beach attire, pick whatever blouse, tee, or buttoned-up number that makes sense. You don a cover-up over your swimsuit so you can lounge or lunch in comfort and style, so don’t forget to pack a favorite! 

Essential Accessories to Complete Cute Beach Outfits

For the ultimate cute vacation outfits, it’s all in the details. Time to pull your beach fashion together with the perfect finishing touches.

The Glasses

The Glasses

Combine casual fun in the sun with movie star glamor just by wearing a pair of flattering sunglasses. 

The Hats

The Hats

A baseball cap or snapback (worn to the front or backward) is an urban-chic statement piece. Otherwise, a woven brim hat screams beach day, and wide floppy hats protect you from the sun while looking quite elegant. 

The Bags

The Bags

A beach bag is a must. How else do you transport the water, the sunblock, your romance novel, and the waterproof Bluetooth speaker? Or your wallet, key card, and phone? Definitely use this opportunity to accentuate your look, but don’t sacrifice what’s practical.

The Hair

The Hair

You’ll rarely be able to keep a ‘do set at the beach. Even just lounging, you’ve got that sea breeze blowing in. Instead, add pizzazz and functionality with a hair scarf, colorful scrunchies, or a bold headband, depending on your aesthetic. Big clips work here as well. 

7 Beach Outfits to Inspire Your Own Beach Vacation Outfits

If you’re having a little trouble visualizing, or just aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. You can use these as a starting point or totally steal a look — we won’t tell. 

Casual Classic: Chambray Dress, Brim Hat, Tote Bag

Tote BagBrim HatChambray Dress

This beach outfit could carry you from 10 AM to 6 PM. It’s quick and easy but gives off major picnic-at-the-beach vibes. For an evening get together or dinner overlooking the beach, simply swap in a longer, billowy bohemian dress with a strong pattern. Instant added visual drama. 

Action Jackson: One Piece Swimsuit, Sarong, Hair Piece

Hair Piece One Piece Swim Suit Sarong

Maybe you aren’t planning on jumping into beachy slo-mo action at a moment’s notice, but you’ll look like it. Depending on your suit, this can be sporty chic or sexy. In either case, the sarong will add interest to the bottom while a hairpiece balances that at the top. Simple but complete. 

Beach Bro: Bikini Top, Shorts, Cap, Button Down

Bikini Top and Shorts Cap Button Down Shirt

If you’ve got a hankering for some masculine aesthetic, try this. The bikini top with an open button shirt over it mixes femme and masc, while the cap adds a little spice of its own. Go for Bermuda or chino shorts, or women’s swim trunks, to get extra leg coverage. 

Beach Bum: Button Down, Cuffed Trousers, Straw Hat 

Cuffed trousers Straw Hat Button Down Shirt

A look fit for men or women: the classic beach bum. You’re ready to take it easy and not get wet, but definitely, get relaxed with a cool drink. Works best with neutral, earthy tones and simple items — or pairing pastel trousers and a color-coordinating carefree print on the shirt. 

Casual Covered: Crop Top, Wide Pants, Sunnies

Sunnies Wide Pants Crop Top

OK, a crop top lets you show some skin here, but you can pair this with a high waist bottom or a meshy cardigan with sleeves pushed up. Or substitute in a full-coverage boho blouse. This kind of combo is feminine and modest, but can also carry flirty vibes. 

Afternoon Date: Tank Top, Shorts, Hair Piece, Fun Bag

Tank Top and Shorts Fun Bag

If you’re meeting up in the vicinity of the beach but won’t be rolling around in the sand, this kind of look is boardwalk-ready. Still breezy and easy, yet appropriate for any establishment. Tailor your look around the shorts (lacy? khaki? colorful? denim? distressed?) and infuse some charm with an eye-catching bag. 

Power Lounger: Bikini, Kimono, Floppy Hat, Sunnies

Bikini Kimono Sunnies Floppy Hat

Have you ever wanted to feel like a potential femme fatale, who enjoys being left alone but doesn’t mind being seen? This is the outfit for you. 


When it comes right down to it, a beach vacation can take many forms. 

Relaxing in the sun. Date nights at a restaurant on the water. Diving into the surf, then running through the sand. Strolling the boardwalk and breathing in the warm salty air without ever setting foot on the beach itself. 

Aside from a few basics — like don’t pull on black leather pants and thigh-high boots — beach outfits can be as varied as our visions of a perfect beach day. If you dress with the elements and your comfort in mind, your own beach woman outfit ideas should flow like ocean currents.

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