Top 3 Swim Brands in 2021

Top 3 Swim Brands in 2021

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No matter where you live, you need a cute swimsuit or two in that closet (five if you’re like us). Thankfully, swimwear brands that carry trendy pieces are still releasing their newest styles to help us enjoy the last few blistering weeks of Summer. Ahead, you’ll find some of this season’s hottest brands—from Miami’s finest Pitusa, which draws its inspiration from all the cultures of the world, to OMG, a high-end swimwear brand carrying chic, unique styles and cute accessories.

With so many great swimwear to consider, your biggest problem will be where and when to wear them all.

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Here are the best swimwear brands you should look out for this year.

Top 3 Swimwear Brands in 2021

OMG Swimwear

OMG is much more than a Miami-based swimwear brand; the renowned retailer carries everything from affordable yet high-end swimsuits, workout wear, lingerie, and so much more. Unlike most swimwear retailers, OMG’s styles are chic, unique, and trendy as hell. Unlike most swimwear brands out there, OMG invests heavily in higher quality material to manufacture the best and most stylish swimsuits for confident and assertive women looking to kill it at the pool or beach. Explore their pages of swimwear, lingerie, sleepwear, jewelry, and so much more.


What was once a dream became a reality for two innovative brothers, Raffaella and Stefano, who shared a vision to create a brand with purpose and sustainability that delivers quality clothing to Peruvian women. With this goal, they started Capittana.

Capittana offers three trendy collections, vintage, active, and swimwear, that combine the essence of a strong, confident, and independent woman.

Unlike other brands, Capittana understands the impact of our actions on the planet. That’s why they take care of the environment by using processes that are Co2 neutral. “We operate with sustainable strategies, causing the least possible carbon footprint, motivating human development to the fullest.”

We love the swimwear pieces and prints at Capittana; however, they do come at a cost ranging from $170 to $200.


Founded in 2010 by Clara Lago, Pitusa carries high-quality, comfortable, and colorful beachwear. Their focus is to continuously design clothing that empowers women while offering a lighthearted aesthetic transitioning from beach to street.

Pitusa’s unique garments are made from the finest Peruvian and Indian cotton, using a vibrant color palette and our signature Inca trim. Moreover, Pitusa predominantly employs women-owned ateliers in Peru, Bali, and India.

Pitusa, meaning funny little girl in Spanish, is designer and founder Clara Lago’s childhood nickname. Clara, who is British and Spanish, moved to Miami for school. She then set out to create comfortable and affordable clothing that could be worn every day by any woman.

Summer Isn’t Over Yet

Found a brand you truly vibe with? Your swimsuit should be more than just comfortable; it needs to make you feel confident and assertive. Don’t settle for the cheap swimwear; get something that will last and makes you feel beautiful and desirable. XOXO Women’s Realm!

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