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In my experience, Bloomi lives up to its bold claim to “increase sexual arousal and make sex better.”
– Greatist
I Used Arousal Oil to Turn Myself on, and It Worked in 5 Minutes Flat
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Whether you’re in a long-established, healthy relationship or advocating self-love, having the right bedroom tools and toys is essential. Arousal is the body’s response to physical or mental stimuli leading to heightened blood flow. However, the ability to feel aroused can be delayed or obstructed for various reasons. In comes arousal oils.

Arousal oils are designed to be applied topically and externally to your surrounding areas to incite arousal for sensual play. Arousal oils are not the same as lubricants. Arousal products tend to stimulate wetness by improving blood flow to the genitals and provoke a pleasurable response. So, while lube and arousal oils serve similar purposes, arousal oils use different ingredients to get you there.

Elevate Your Intimate Life

Bloomi’s Arousal Oil is a blend of carefully selected botanical aphrodisiacs designed to increase arousal and make courtship healthier and better. Bloomi launched this product to provide a natural, clean “boost” during foreplay and sex. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its ability to help you feel aroused by enhancing sensitivity, natural lubrication, and intensifying peaks. For many, it can improve circulation, boost sensations and support positive energy.  


  • Angelica Root: Aids in hormone regulation and supports the body’s natural physiological arousal process
  • Damiana: Improves mood, alleviates anxiety, and promotes self-lubrication 
  • Wolfberry: Helps improve performance, stamina, and overall energy
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: A gentle, rejuvenating oil rich in antioxidants to moisturize and soothe the skin
  • Tuberose: A night-blooming flower with one of the most captivating, creamy, seductive aromas in the world

Mind, Body, Desire

Bloomi is one of the most popular brands in the intimate health space, and it’s easy to discern why that is. With a refreshing, modernized approach to intimacy, Bloomi excels at creating a healthy and welcoming environment for everyone to learn and grow in the language of intimacy. Combining reliable products and sensitive information is not standard nowadays. That’s what makes a marketplace like Bloomi invaluable in today’s world.

Furthermore, Bloomi refuses to use inexpensive, harsher chemicals found in everyday personal care products (Banned List), so people can rest assured they are getting a safe and effective product. 

Bloomi Arousal Oil Averages 4.7/5 Stars, And Here’s Why…

“I was very curious to try this but did not expect anything amazing. But after trying it once I was surprised but thought maybe it was the “placebo effect”. Tried it again and wowser! I’m a believer and can’t believe how great this stuff works!!! The smell is amazing and adds to the ambiance of the whole encounter! Buy it! You won’t be sorry!!!”

Sarah V.


“I love it and my partner loves it! Even if we are already having a great time we sometimes look at each other and say “wanna use the oil?!” hahah! Definitely a bedroom must have!!”



“The packaging is beautiful and contemporary — particularly the beautiful bottle which would look nice and not out of place on your dresser or nightstand. The product itself is amazing! It has a light, beautiful herbaceous smell (a true sensory experience!). It is incredibly effective for kickstarting joy and pleasure!”



About Bloomi

Bloomi is the first sexologist-led online marketplaces focusing on natural, clean, intimate care products and services for improved pleasure and intimacy. Through their products and educational content, Bloomi aims to de-stigmatize elements of intimate wellness, such as menstrual care and enhanced enjoyment, among others. The brand is driven by a team of industry experts, including sexologists and educators, who help ensure the best possible solutions for some of life’s less-talked-about wellness needs.

Shop Bloomi for More Personal Care Products and Supplements

In addition to an extensive collection of eco-friendly personal care products, supplements, and educational resources, Bloomi also goes the extra mile when it comes to pricing and savings. The company has a comprehensive rewards program designed to help buyers save significantly over time. We encourage you to check out their website to learn more about the brand and have fun trying new things.

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