Soak and Relax With
Extract Labs Bath Bombs

Extract Labs Bath Bombs


Uplifting citrus oils with a touch of vanilla


Cooling blend with eucalyptus and wintergreen


A unique blend meant to ease discomfort


A unique blend meant to ease discomfort

Real bath takers know that there are two kinds of baths. The first one is utilitarian and intended to get you cleaned. The second type is luxurious and designed to ease your body and mind.

Unwinding at the end of a long-drawn day with a sumptuous bath instead of a rushed shower is always a great idea. If you’re looking to relax and soak away the pressures of the day, Extract Lab’s fragrant bath bombs create a lush bathtime ambiance you’ll relish.

Extract Labs bath bombs are formulated for a specific purpose—your peace of mind. The essential oils, stones, botanicals and herbs are meticulously selected to act together to create a soothing mind and body experience.

Bliss Bath Bomb

The uplifting citrus Bliss bomb is created with moonstone, calendula petals, white chestnut, and wild rose to bring clarity and joy. With 100 mg of isolate extract, you can rest assured your busy days will turn into peaceful nights.

Breathe Bath Bomb

Smile, exhale and go slowly. The cooling blend of essential oils, dried eucalyptus, tumbled amazonite and 100 mg of isolate extract in the Breathe bomb promote relaxation and deep breathing.

Sleep Bath Bomb

Happiness starts with getting enough sleep. Olive flower essence, blue cornflower, aquamarine gemstone, and 14 relaxing essential oils work together to create a restorative, sleep-focused bomb. The soothing bomb also includes witch hazel and a sedating botanical blend of California poppy, passionflower, and skullcap.

Deep Bath Bomb

Uniquely crafted to relieve tension and alleviate discomfort, the Deep bomb is made for recovery.. The mix includes a blend of 9 soothing essential oils, aloe essence, blue cornflower, and 100 mg of isolate extract with a deep-blue lapis lazuli stone.

Bath Time Just Got a Lot More Relaxing

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath? Instead of dull soapy bubbles, a premium Extract Labs bath bomb brings the spa day to you by adding some fizz to your bathtub.

Each aromatic blend contains:

Organic Essential Oils To Soothe The Skin

Hand-Picked Herbs From The Rocky Mountains

Gemstones to Increase Relaxation

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Extract Labs is a prominent natural supplement retailer dedicated to providing the purest, highest quality plant-based products at an affordable price. Starting with raw plant material, Extract Labs created one of the most extensive collections of natural supplements on the market today. The in-house operation offers everything from tinctures, topicals, edibles, pet products, coffee, concentrates, and merchandise.

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Extract Labs’ comprehensive collection of natural supplements and unyielding mission to provide plant-based wellness make the brand an excellent option for those dedicated to improving their well-being.. We encourage you to check out their website to learn more about the brand and how their products can support your health and happiness.

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