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Bloomi is one of the first online marketplaces focusing on clean, high-quality products and services for improved pleasure and intimate care. Through their products and educational content, Bloomi aims to de-stigmatize elements of reproductive wellness, such as menstrual care, intimacy, and enhanced pleasure, among others. The brand is led by a team of industry experts and educators who help ensure the best possible solutions for some of life’s less-talked-about wellness needs.

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Review Summary

Bloomi has become one of the most popular intimate care brands in the industry, and it’s easy to see why. With a refreshing, modern approach to wellness and intimacy, Bloomi excels at creating a comfortable and open environment for everyone to learn and become more empowered. Combining reliable products and trusted information is not all that common nowadays, making a marketplace like Bloomi even more valuable in today’s connected world. If you are looking to enhance your intimate life and overall wellness, Bloomi’s curated products and educational content may provide you with just what you need.

Highlights And Benefits

Bloomi’s relentless commitment to clean and safe reproductive wellness means that their products are 100% free of harsh ingredients and harmful chemicals. Based on their extensive research into ingredients and substances, they have even compiled a comprehensive “banned list,” which includes ingredients found in most over-the-counter products, including hormone disruptors, carcinogens, toxins, and vulva allergens, just to name a few. Bloomi firmly stands against these “banned” substances and actively seeks to include natural and gentle ingredients in all of their products in the marketplace.

The best part is that all their products are screened by their internal team of health experts. By choosing Bloomi, you can rest assured the ingredients and materials you are getting are of the highest quality and a much higher caliber than items found on store shelves.

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Pricing And

Bloomi’s online collection includes items for all types of lifestyles and needs. From books and oils to toys and topicals, Bloomi has something for everyone. They are best known for the Organicup, their most popular product, which offers a healthier alternative to tampons and pads. This reusable menstrual cup is made with 100% medical-grade silicone and is designed to protect for up to 12 hours by collecting rather than absorbing, effectively eliminating irritation and dryness to keep your pH in perfect balance. The Organicup is allergy-certified for sensitive membranes, and it’s reusable for up to 10 years, helping to save time, money, and waste of buying tampons and pads over the years.

Here’s a brief overview of how their reward program works for new users:

The company also offers organic cotton pads, which are increasingly becoming the norm. As opposed to regular pads, organic cotton pads contain no chlorine, pesticides, and other toxic additives. The softer material also reduces the risk of skin irritation and allows the skin to breathe more comfortably.

In addition to an extensive collection of eco-friendly products and educational content, Bloomi also goes the extra mile when it comes to pricing and savings. They even have a comprehensive rewards program designed to help buyers save significantly over time.

How to earn points:

  • Sign up for the newsletter (250)
  • Get points on your birthday (100)
  • Follow @TheBloomi on IG/FB/TW (100)
  • Share Bloomi with a friend (500)
  • Make a purchase (2 for each $1 spent)

How to Redeem points:

  • Redeem 500 points for a $5 off code
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  • Redeem 2000 points for a $20 off code
  • Redeem 2500 points for a $30 off code
  • We recommend Bloomi to all, regardless of gender and age.
  • Bloomi may also be helpful for those looking to improve intimacy with their partners.
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