How to Apply Eyeshadow: Try These Easy Looks

Looking to step up your eye makeup game? Maybe you just ordered a cool new eyeshadow palette and can’t wait to try out some new looks, but figuring out how to use the colors to create an on-point look can be daunting.  

Here’s a step by step eyeshadow tutorial, and some easy eye makeup looks you can try. 

Before You Begin: Choose the Correct Brushes 

Before You Begin: Choose the Correct Brushes 

It’s essential to understand the types of eye makeup brushes to use before applying to ensure the proper blending and flawless definition. The best eye shadow looks require more than one brush. Here are the brushes you’ll need: 

  • A wide, fluffy brush – for covering your entire lid
  • A small, tapered brush – for adding shades to your crease 
  • An angled brush – for blending the colors together 

Step 1: Apply a Base Color

Using your wide brush, apply a neutral tone (similar to your skin color) all over your lid. This is an important step as it will be the base for building the rest of your eye look. Use a matte shade for best results, as shimmery shadows may accentuate any wrinkles or lines around your lids.

Step 2: Define Your Crease 

Choose a darker shade – one of the darkest in your palettes – and apply to your crease with your small tapered brush. Start with a small amount on the inner crease, and gradually add more as you move to the outside of the crease. 

Step 3: Highlight Your Brow Bone

Above your crease, apply the lightest shade in your palette with your small tapered brush and blend with your crease shade. Choose a shimmery shadow for extra definition.  

Step 4: Put a Light Shade in Your Inner Corner

This will make you look more awake. Using your pinky finger (or a similar-sized brush), apply a small amount of light, shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. 

Step 5: Complete the Look 

Finalize your look with some mascara, eyeliner, or eyebrow definition. 

Best Palettes for Natural Eyeshadow Looks 

If you’re just learning how to do makeup, it’s best to start with more natural colors, as they are easier to blend and match. Neutral color palettes to look for include: 

  • Shades of brown
  • Shades of pink 
  • Earthy tones
  • Palettes that include greens, blues, and purples can also work for natural looks, depending on your skin tone and eye color.  

Best Palettes for Colorful Eyeshadow Looks 

If you’re ready to go bold, here are a few colorful eyeshadow ideas:

  • Fiery reds, yellows, and oranges 
  • Bold blues in light and dark hues
  • Hot pinks 
  • Deep greens and bright greens 

Simple Eye Makeup Tricks

Prime Your Eyes

Before adding any pigments, apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids to help the colors blend and make your look last all day. There are a wide variety of primers available, depending on your budget. 

Fix a Broken Palette 

Accidentally dropped your favorite eyeshadow palette? Fit it at home with rubbing alcohol. Put the broken pieces back together and spray them with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Press them together lightly and then let them dry. 

Use a Damp Brush for Stronger Colors 

For an extra colorful look, apply shadow to your eyelids with a damp brush, then use a dry brush in the creases to blend it out.  


Learning how to do eyeshadow can be intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun way to add some creativity to your morning routine.

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