Guest Blog Spotlight: Habits Skin Lab

Guest Blog Spotlight: Habits Skin Lab

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All About Habits

Our skin requires constant care for it to stay nourished and glowing. We often get asked “why is my skin so dry?”, “why do I feel like I am peeling all the time?”, “why is my skin aging so fast?”, most of these questions often share a similar answer, which is that the skin is craving for some real hydration and nourishment and it really needs to be cared for before it becomes dull and early aging signs start to show faster than expected. 

At Habits Skin Lab we have shifted our focus from the traditional skincare system to a more holistic approach which can fully cover all our skin needs without being too invasive or without needing to have an 8-step skincare routine. In reality, skincare should be very simple. The skin needs to be clean, hydrated and protected for it to look healthy. We keep it clean by using gentle cleansers/soaps and removing all dead skin cells by exfoliating the skin no more than twice a week. We keep it hydrated by using the right creams, moisturizers or oils. We then protect it by ensuring we are providing the right antioxidants, environmental stressors and of course the most important, sunscreen. Throughout our skincare journey and our personal client stories we have been able to gather enough research to understand what the skin needs and craves for, and we have finally created a line that delivers it.  

Top Products

Habits Skin Lab’s Blossom Body Oil is what we like to call our “holy grail” product. We have created a gentle, effective and good-for-you formula with the purpose of providing everything your skin is craving for without being abrasive, and most importantly friendly to your wallet. Our body oil is gentle enough to be used on all skin types, as many times as you like to during the day. It is the perfect blend to fully deliver the ultimate hydration your body deserves and, in the process, leave your skin glowing.

Our Body Scrub is the perfect addition to your skincare routine, to help deeply cleanse and exfoliate the body in order to prep it and allow the body to fully absorb the many benefits inside our body oil. 

We are true believers of “less is more” which is why our formula only has 4 ingredients. Each ingredient was picked to fill out a specific need in our skin.

  1. Jojoba oil acts as a humectant, to help seal the skin by creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture. This ingredient comes very handy for those dealing with dryness, flakes, skin irritations and dehydration. It is extremely high in anti-inflammatory properties which helps calm down the skin for those dealing with angry skin and redness.
  2. Rosehip oil acts as our brightening ingredient. It is high in Vitamin A and C, which allow the skin to repair, encourage cell growth and promote collagen to avoid early aging signs. It is a big “boost” to our skincare routine. It also comes with many essential fatty acids that help deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, balancing its pH levels and leaving you with healthier skin.
  3. Our scent comes from two of our favorite essential oils blend. Mandarin oil helps reduce scars, dark spots and dull skin. It also acts as a calming scent, triggering a calming effect on our mind and body once we smell it, helping us reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  4. The Vanilla oil inside it provides a comforting aroma while delivering deep moisture at the same time. It also a great ingredient to help protect against environmental stressors and damages caused by environment toxins. 

The body scrub comes with an additional ingredient which would be Himalayan Sea Salt. This add-on allows the body to enjoy of a deep exfoliation without dealing with any redness, irritation or burning sensation. The scrub is meant to be gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin types. The oils inside it ensure that the moisture stays trapped and that your skin stays glowy right after your shower. 

These ingredients mixed together allow your skin to fully enjoy the many benefits all of these ingredients bring and create the perfect cocktail to protect, hydrate and brighten the skin. 

Remember, less is more. Be gentle to your skin. 

Facial Servies At Habits Skin Lab 

Picking the right facial for your skin is often a challenge for most people out there. Upon doing research we realized that most people were dealing with constant disappointment after getting a facial, mostly due to the fact that their skin would break out after the facial, the skin would be too sensitive and red right after, or extractions were not properly made. The idea of following a “protocol” for every person/client out there was not something we were interested in. Because of this, at Habits Skin Lab we created a customizable experience for all our skincare lovers out there. 

Our facial menu caters to every skin out there. We came up with 4 specific facials that help us address properly the person’s main skin concern. However, while these 4 facials are meant to be used as a guide, each person gets their unique treatment once inside the treatment room. This means that all our products are customizable for your skin type, we can customize our cleanser, our face masks and our creams, giving us the freedom needed to be able to give your skin everything it is craving for. 

Our menu is divided in 4 facials: 

  1. Gua Sha Facial: meant for those seeking a relaxing treatment, gua sha helps promote blood circulation, increase collagen productions and provide a skin lifting feeling. This facial is perfect for those seeking to target early aging signs, wrinkles, dull skin and simply relax. 
  2. Refresh: meant for those dealing with dryness, dry flakes and in need of a deep hydrating treatment to bring the skin back to life. Our customizable ingredients let us target all skin types, even those with oily skin. 
  3. Detox Facial: meant for those seeking a deep cleanse. Our detox facial is perfect for those experiencing breakouts, acne, clogged pores and simply feeling like they need to reset their skin. 
  4. Glow-It All: meant for those seeking to GLOW like no other, this facial includes a gentle enzyme peel that will help brighten the skin, leaving it with the ultimate glow it deserves. This facial is perfect for people dealing with dark spots, dull skin, and looking to bring some light into their skin. 

All of our facials can be mixed as well. Our most common mix is the Detox facial + Glow-it-all since it allows people to reset their skin while achieving the glow they have been waiting for. Aside from our facial mixed, we also offer ADD-ONS which are meant as facial enhancements or facial upgrades. For an additional cost, you get to experience a whole different level of results and efficiency by adding a booster to your facial such as: dermaplaning, microneedle, microcurrent, led light therapy and one of our favorites, a scalp massage. 


Our entire concept relies on the fact that your skin deserves something unique and filled with good-for-you ingredients, and that is what we want to deliver. We place real focus on the fact that all our products are gentle to the skin, we want you to feel like your skin is smooth, balanced and feeling good. There is no space for harsh ingredients, painful treatments or painful extractions that will leave you with marks for the rest of the week. We want people to feel safe once they are in our treatment room and we are humble they decide to place their trust on us and on our habits. 

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