Egyptian Magic Cream Review: Is It Worth It?

Egyptian Magic Cream Review: Is It Worth It?

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What really makes a product worth it? Does it have to exceed expectations, or just work, plain and simple? Should it be shrouded in ancient mysticism and housed in a container that wishes you divine love and infinite blessings?

According to any of these criteria (especially the last one), you can add Egyptian Magic Cream to your “definitely worth a try” product list.

What Is Egyptian Magic Cream?

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream first entered the market in 1991, and the formula has never faltered since. It contains just six natural ingredients:

  1. olive oil
  2. beeswax
  3. honey
  4. bee pollen
  5. royal jelly
  6. propolis extract

The result is a moisturizer without water that’s the consistency of a balm or ointment more than a cream. To use it, you take a small portion from the jar and rub it between your fingertips or palms before applying. This warms and softens, coaxing out the oil base that will play nicely with your skin.

But can we trust it? Well, there’s no reason not to.

In 2007, The New York Times published this seminal profile on the skincare cream, its creator (LordPharaoh ImHotepAmonRa, or Westley Howard in life before Egyptian Magic), and its rise to popularity. A decade later, in late 2017, reports again hailed the product as a viral selling sensation.

We’re basically trying to say, Egyptian Magic Cream might seem a little iffy at first glance, but it’s completely legit.

Who Is This Cream For?

Almost anyone could give Egyptian Magic Skin Cream a try. It’s fine for all skin types, with the caveat that everyone should still test on a small area to check for any adverse reaction, and discontinue use if anything goes south.

Now, it is an oil balm, so it may not be great as a face cream for oily skin types. But customer testimonials prove that’s certainly not a hard and fast rule. It will come down your individual skin– plus, there’s still all the rest of your skin!

It will routinely work best for normal moisturizing or to revitalize skin that’s dry, damaged, blemished, or irritated. From minor scrapes and burns and bites to eczema and psoriasis, this product also has you covered.

Egyptian Magic Cream General Overview


There’s no doubt that this product should, for all intents and purposes, be effective. It isn’t a fluke or a sham or even magic — as we’ll take a look at below, the ingredients are proven to be full of beneficial components.

  • Versatility: All natural and without fragrance or other additives, Egyptian Magic Cream is safe for all kinds of uses. Lips, hair, face, feet, hands, legs, broken skin, under makeup, dabbed on top of makeup… the list goes on.
  • Reducing the Appearance of Scars: As in, preventing them from appearing in the first place. It probably won’t really work for older blemishes, but if consistently applied after a recent spot has begun to heal, it’ll vanish without a trace.
  • Pregnancy and Baby Safe: Honey is a no-no for babies, but — barring an allergy or other concerns — beeswax and the like pose no danger. Egyptian Magic Cream is a safe balm for rashes.


  • Flimsy Acne-Fighter: Many reviews describe people calming pimples or preventing breakouts, but it isn’t meant to be a hardcore acne product and can cause breakouts for some if they accidentally end up further clogging their pores.
  • Greasiness: Though “greasiness” is pretty subjective, oil balms don’t have a texture everyone can handle, and the word comes up a lot. The product does leave a slight residue and a shine — more if you overdo it, which requires you wait a couple of minutes for it to dry.
  • The nose knows: if you do value a pleasant, lingering smell, clearly Egyptian Magic Cream will leave you with a hole in your heart, and there’s no way around that.


Retail prices are usually around $30-$40 for a single 4-ounce jar. However, those 4 ounces will last you a surprisingly long time.

As other Egyptian Magic reviews and any usage guidelines say, a little really does go a long way. Because it’s oil-based, it spreads easily and works best in moderation. And if you use it to its full potential, you could be circumventing other skin and hair care purchases altogether.


Egyptian Magic, somewhat ironically, is handmade in the USA. Texas facilities, to be exact.

The company — of which the creator is still CEO — takes great pride in the quality of product and brand, as the Egyptian Magic website attests.

  • They claim to source the finest ingredients, selected for their quality and purity as observed in use.
  • The company will advise customers to ensure they’re receiving genuine jars from authorized resellers and not counterfeit knockoffs. It’s an ever-ongoing issue, so any lower quality version of the product (inconsistent texture, strong smell, etc.) should be met with suspicion and not used.
  • They offer full refunds on returned jars if you present your receipt from an authorized retailer.

Long Term Effects

The longer you continue to use Egyptian Magic Skin Cream, the healthier your skin and hair and lips should be over time. You can reduce and slow some effects of aging, as well.

This is because each ingredient already offers a ton of different benefits, and all of them together simply combine and overlap (most of them are related anyway, as bee/honey products). Long term, Egyptian Magic Cream lets you harness the power of:

  • Antioxidants, which combat free radicals that cause cell degradation
  • Squalene, which balances oil production
  • Protective anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • Proteins and fatty acids
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Promoting cell growth
  • Absorbing moisture from the air for hydration

How Does It Compare to Similar Products?

Its closest competitor, Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic, has basically the same ingredients in a different blend but goes all organic with it. Price per amount is comparable, reviews and uses are comparable, but certainly, Medicine Mama is more transparent about their origins, methods, and ingredient sources.

Most other products containing honey and olive oil also contain other ingredients in their mixtures and run a little cheaper. The most basic simply add water and essential oils (great alternatives if you prefer skincare with fragrance), but things only progress from there.

Thus Egyptian Magic and Medicine Mama are the purest honey and oil formulas available.


  • Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is not a new competitor in the skincare space, nor an unknown one. Yet because its creator doesn’t really do advertising in a traditional sense, it still manages to fly under the radar a lot of the time.
  • The blend of olive oil, beeswax, and other bee products packs serious benefits, however. It’s the real deal, at a rather reasonable price, with a handmade touch.
  • So if you’ve stumbled upon the product through Egyptian Magic reviews online or an article like this one, consider yourself granted some of that “eternal wisdom” the back of the jar promises. This versatile balm is 100% worth it to many customers, and you might be one of them.

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