3 Amazing Products

To Calm Stressed Moms

We can all agree that children bring happiness and love to our lives, and there is no deeper connection than that of a mother and her children. However, with the responsibility of nurturing another human being from babyhood to adulthood comes an endless load of stress. While every mother may face her unique stressors, some needs and stressors are practically universal.

For the Stressed Out Moms

Relationship demands, finances, protective instincts, not enough time alone – as a mom, life can sometimes feel like you are always living for others. We get it; taking care of your bundles of joy is tough, and can oftentimes result in added stress. The benefits of relaxing and finding ways to cope with stress extend to your children as well as yourself. In comes BluPeak! 

BluPeak’s natural products are a perfect way to help melt the stress away when incorporated into your wellness routine. BluPeak Botanics currently offers a comprehensive line of products formulated to help with some of life’s most common problems, such as: 

  • Pain relief 
  • Relaxation from stress and anxiety 
  • Quicker workout recovery 
  • Supporting deep, restful sleep
  • Improving focus, calmness, and the general sense of well being

1. Triple Berry Tincture

Their best-selling tincture is formulated to promote a sense of relaxation and overall feelings of balance. Ideal for new users, this tincture is made with a delicious berry flavor guaranteed to become a favorite. Fun Fact: All BluPeak products are created by a pastry chef and chemist. 

2. Cooling Salve

Blue Peak’s unique cooling salve is made with a natural blend of soothing plant-based extracts designed for general pain management, feelings of discomfort, and joint and muscle support.

3. Soft Gels

These capsules are formulated with a precise 20mg dose per serving. Perfect for travel and those who prefer a more familiar consumption method.

Relax and Refuel With BluPeak Botanics

BluPeak’s line of wellness supplements offers solutions for moms with any lifestyle. Whether you are a busy professional looking to reduce stress or a sleepless soul just trying to get some rest, BluPeak Botanics has a product for you. The best part? All of BluPeak’s tinctures are made by a pastry chef to get the best tasting product possible using only natural ingredients.

About BluPeak Botanics

BluPeak Botanics is a manufacturer and retailer of natural wellness supplements founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who aim to bring the tranquility of the forest, stream, and mountain to every product. The company specializes in topical products and tincture supplements made with plant-based ingredients carefully picked for their beneficial properties. 

Shop More BluPeak Supplements

Ever wonder why flight attendants prompt us to put on our oxygen masks first, then on the children. We can’t properly care for our families if we don’t take time to care for ourselves. Moms are notorious for putting themselves on the backburner. Set some time apart for you and just you! Find new healthy ways to destress and relax. After all, a less-stressed mom makes more joyful kids. We encourage you to explore more BluPeak Botanics products and their sister brand H3L Labs, for more educational resources.

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