How to Blow Dry Hair: Tips and Advice

Sometimes, just the thought of blow-drying hair can make you cringe. Everyone loves a good salon-level blowout, but properly drying and styling your hair on your own time can be a monumental task,  and you might not even be using the proper blow-drying techniques! Here’s how to get as close as you can to that salon-styled hair.

The Basics of Blow Drying

The Basics of Blow Drying tools

Knowing how to blow dry hair properly is key to achieving that fresh, voluminous style. That starts with having and utilizing the right tools for the job. Give yourself a little leeway on the products, which depend entirely on your hair type, but in general, these are the things you’ll need in your toolbox.

Blow Dryer

You cannot blow dry hair without a blow dryer. However, achieving a good blow-dry is easier — and less damaging to hair — with a high-quality dryer. Especially for those who blow dry their hair often or who have thick hair, investing in a quality dryer is important. Cheap blow dryers might actually cause more damage to your hair in the long run.

Although it comes with a price tag of nearly $400, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is an investment you’ll thank yourself for later. This hair dryer is specially engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling to increase smoothness and shine.

Another dryer you can try is Drybar’s The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush. This is a round brush blow dryer, and it retails for about $150. It combines the benefits of a blow dryer with the structure of a round brush for a smooth, shiny, voluminous blowout in one step.


It’s likely that your current blow dryer came with a flat nozzle. That has a purpose! The nozzle can actually help protect your hair from excess heat by concentrating the air in a more precise way. In the end, it’s important to keep it on your dryer to help prevent damage and keep your hair healthier. 

For curly girls, a diffuser attachment is the way to go. Diffusers help give your natural curls shape, definition, and volume. They also help to reduce frizz incurred in the drying process. Try the DevaCurl DevaFuser attachment, which retails for around $50.

Round Brush

A brush is key to controlling the style you want as you blow out hair. Round brushes can help you straighten your locks, make ends flip, or create waves with this tool. And for those wanting to know how to dry hair fast, here you go —  get a round brush with a bigger surface area to cut down on drying time. Even better, choose a brush with vents.

Heat Protectant Spray

Whenever you use any type of heat styling tool — whether it be a blow dryer, straightener, or curling wand — you must use heat protectant spray. This is another key product that will help protect your tresses from excessive heat damage, which has a negative impact on your hair’s health. Don’t forget to spray it on every section, including in the back of your head.

Hair Clip

Hair clips are important for sectioning hair and holding it back while you’re working from section to section. Additionally, clips help prevent damage from overdrying sections.

BlowDrying Mistakes

Maybe you’ve been blow drying your hair for years, but it’s likely that you’ve made at least one of these hair-drying mistakes over time! 

  • Leaving your hair in a towel for too long. Ever left your hair in a towel for 30 minutes or longer? Don’t do it anymore. Cotton-based towels cause friction on the hair — use a microfiber towel to remove excess water. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave your hair wrapped up for more than 10 minutes.
  • Immediately going in with the brush during a blow-dry. You also don’t want to take a round brush to soaking wet hair. Use the dryer to rough dry your hair first before going in with the brush to style.
  • Not giving your roots attention. Everyone wants voluminous hair, but if you don’t lift it from the roots while drying, you’re throwing that volume away. You can also flip your head upside down and brush your roots so that they’re going in the opposite direction while blasting them with heat.
  • Not sectioning your hair. If you want that perfect style, you’re going to need to exercise patience and go section by section. Use those hair clips!

The Perfect Blow Dry 

A great blow-dry also is largely dependent on your hair type and the style you’re going for. Here are some tips for general styling, depending on hair length and type.

Short Hair

The good news here is that learning how to blow dry and style short hair is easy since it’ll be much quicker! First, clip up the top section of your hair. Starting at the back, blow dry hair using a flat brush to sweep hair forward and repeat on the sides. Afterward, let down the front, blow-dry bangs if applicable, unclip the rest of your hair and work back toward your crown until the top is all dry.

Long Hair

how to blow-dry long hair

First, pull up the top sections of hair and clip them. Starting at the back, begin winding small sections of hair from the ends up to the scalp around your brush and heat until dry. Then, you can unravel hair from the brush. You can give it some curl by rotating your wrist so the hair curls on itself. Repeat until all hair is dry.

Curly Hair

Your diffuser is key when it comes to knowing how to blow dry curly hair, and so is product. Start by applying a creamy leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. Then, use a gel to define curls, prevent frizz, and set them in place. Go in with the diffuser, gently lifting curls up and toward your head to keep that definition and lock it in place.

Straighten Hair

Knowing how to use a round brush is essential when learning how to blow dry hair straight. Do a rough blow dry first before gathering the hair on your crown and clipping it back. Dry the lower layers with your round brush by pointing the nozzle downward to help smooth hair and create shine. Repeat layer by layer until hair is dry, and finish by pulling the brush straight through your locks while drying ends with warm air.


Blow drying your hair can be quite the task, but it’s all worth it when you achieve the perfect style and shine you envisioned. Remember to have the right tools on hand, use heat protectant sprays or other heat protectant products for healthy and shiny hair, and go section by section. Try incorporating these blow drying tips into your hair-drying and hair washing routine and see if it makes a difference for you!

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