Barefoot Blonde Review

Barefoot Blonde Review

Ladies, what are your go-to hair extension brands? Ours is Barefoot Blonde Hair! If you’re thinking of switching to a better, more reliable brand, you might want to consider this one. If you’re a hair extension newbie, you’re in the right place. Maybe it’s just us, but the world needs to know just how awesome Barefoot Blonde hair extension sets really are! Ladies, today we’re going to share with you our much-anticipated Barefoot Blonde hair extension review. Sit tight and enjoy it!

As much as we love and support hair extensions, wearing them all day, every day is simply not something we believe in. However, special occasions where pictures will be taken and eyes will be on you is the perfect excuse to rock your Barefoot Blond Hair. It might take a little time to get used to, but trust us, you’ll be in love with your extensions, just like we were, the first time we tried it.

What Is Barefoot Blonde?

Barefoot Blonde Hair is a hair extension and accessory retailer that provides superior non-permanent hair extensions and fill-ins for the everyday girl. BFB separates itself from the competition by providing women with confidence through innovative and natural products for varying hair lengths and needs. Additionally, the company endeavors to lead the discussion in educating and empowering women through tutorials, scheduled video calls, and in-house appointments.

Who Are BFB Extensions For?

Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions are great for any girl who wants long, thick locks or ladies who are after length and thickness for ponytails, braids, top knots, and updos. Barefoot Blonde Hair has over 30 hair extension styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a quick fill-in or a fully blended look, BFB has everything you need and more.

Barefoot Blonde Hair Review

It’s been two weeks since we’ve tried the Peanut Butter and Jealous Seamless extension, and the results were quite satisfying. The package came quickly as the company offers a very convenient free express shipping, so we had the extensions within just three days! The hair came in a beautifully decorated, firm box. Kudos to the package- really cute stuff! Inside the box, you’ll find a plastic wrapping with the hair secured in a large pouch, and a tester weft in a smaller pouch. It also comes with a pretty little booklet with specific instructions on how to put it on perfectly.

Getting it right might take some practice, but it certainly is not rocket science. With the tester weft, you can test a full strip of hair to your head. If it doesn’t match, you can return it as long as you don’t open the larger pouch.

After making sure the tester weft matches your hair perfectly, you can begin putting your extension in. Before you do so, backcomb your hair with some dry shampoo. Doing so will prevent your extensions from sliding down. We also found out that backcombing the top of your hair a little helps mask your extensions and give it a more natural feel.

We were extremely pleased with how it turned out. The length, shade, and thickness were absolutely flawless. The feel was remarkably soft, and it flowed beautifully with the hair’s natural waves. We definitely recommend Barefoot Blonde Hair to any lady that wants class hair extensions. If you’ve tried other hair extension brands, you know that you won’t get premium clip-ins for less than $150. BFB’s 21” Peanut Butter and Jealous Seamless extensions come with 10 wefts (160 grams) for $214. For quality hair extensions, this is a fairly acceptable price.


Unlike most brands, BFB provides its clients with a full experience. We put together a list of pros and cons to help you get a better idea of what the company offers.

  • Free Home try-on kits
  • Scheduled video calls and in-house appointments
  • Extensive collection of extension and fill-ins
  • Bridal service
  • Free express shipping
  • Payment installment option


As much as we love this brand, one thing we’ve noticed is that Barefoot Blonde Hair does not offer any special couponing features for shoppers.


Assessing how the final product looked, the quality of BFB extensions is unmatched. You can flat iron, curl it up, BFB hair can be treated just like your normal hair because it is real hair!


Compared to other places, BFB is a bit more expensive. That’s the price to pay if you want high-quality, real hair, but if you are a woman on a strict budget, you might not find this brand as attractive as we did.


It’s been two weeks since we’ve tried the Peanut Butter and Jealous extension, and it still looks brand new. If you don’t already know, the lifespan of your extensions will be measured by how often you wear them and how you care for them. BFB recommends replacing your extensions every 4-6 months.


Barefoot Blonde Hair is one of the best hair extension brands out there right now. Each set of BFB Hair extensions is handmade with the finest ingredients available. The company offers more than just clip-ins and accessories for the everyday girl; they provide valuable hair care resources and exceptional bridal services for special occasions.

Although BFB is a relatively new brand, the difference in quality compared to other more well-known brands is apparent. All in all Barefoot Blonde Hair is unquestionably the best place to get your hair extensions.

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