How to Cut Your Own Bangs

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

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If you want a new look for less, you might be surprised to learn that cutting your own bangs at home is easier than it seems. Trimming bangs can be accomplished with nothing more than a sharp pair of scissors, a mirror, and a steady hand. 

Getting Started on the Chop 

Getting Started on the Chop 

You’ll need to invest in a pair of haircutting scissors. Kitchen or craft scissors have too dull of an edge, even after being sharpened. A blunt-edged scissor will push the hair to the sides as you cut it, making it harder to get an even trim. It can also invite split ends and damage to the hair shaft. 

You can do a little research to find out what the pros use, but a good pair of haircutting scissors doesn’t have to cost more than around $25. If you plan on using them only for your bangs and not for the rest of your hair, you can opt for a smaller scissor with a shorter blade to minimize the likelihood of mistakes. 

How to Cut Bangs at Home

Besides scissors, you’ll also need:

Coco Chanel once said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Even so, it’s often better to wait a while after a breakup or life change before cutting your hair. It might be the catharsis you’re searching for, but consider consulting a friend before you begin. 

How to Trim Bangs

Trimming existing bangs is the easiest option since you already have a template to follow. 

Wash, dry, and style your hair normally before you reach for the scissors. Dry, clean hair is the easiest kind to cut and is especially helpful for curly hair. You won’t have any buildup affecting how the hair falls, and you’ll avoid unexpected shrinkage as the hair dries.

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

  1. Once your bangs are dry, pin back the rest of your hair so that only your bangs are left loose. 
  2. Use your nose as a guide to split your bangs into two sections.
  3. Comb through the bangs, holding the teeth of the comb outwards
  4. Cut up, towards the ceiling, into the bangs. Don’t hold the scissors horizontally. This technique is called point cutting, giving texture to the hair.
  5. Start the cut on one side of your nose, then move out towards the edge of the bangs. Even if you have blunt straight across bangs, it’s better to end up with the hair in the center slightly shorter than it is on the edges. 
  6. Always trim less than you think you should on the first pass. It’s easier to cut more later than it is to wait for your hair to regrow. 

How to Cut Your Bangs for the First Time

  1. Start with clean, dry, styled hair. 
  2. Part a front section of hair from the arch of one eyebrow to the other. This will become your bangs. Clip the rest of your hair back to keep it out of your way. 
  3. Trim the bangs-to-be horizontally until they fall to about cheekbone length. Once they’re in this halfway stage, you can begin shaping them.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs

If you’re a beginner, curtain bangs are an excellent style to start with. They blend in with the rest of the hair, softening any uneven angles. 

Using your comb, section your bangs down the middle, and split them evenly to either side of your face. 

For how to cut long bangs or curtain bangs, cut down each section at an angle. Start from the middle, and work your way towards each side. Pointcut vertically up into the bangs, adding texture and avoiding harsh lines.

Use your comb to compare each side, ensuring that the two centerpieces are the same length.

How to Cut Wispy Bangs

If you’re cutting wispy bangs, section the bangs into thin horizontal layers. Pin the top layers up.

Begin on the bottom layer. Cut straight across first, remembering to leave some extra length. Then point cut up into the hair vertically. Once satisfied with the look, release the next layer, and cut horizontally, then vertically, until the results match the layer beneath.

In addition to point cutting, slither the scissors down vertically into the hair, with the point facing the floor. Sliding the blade down along the hair shaft this way, without closing it, will add dimension and eliminate bulk.

To finish, pull out two ½ inch pieces of hair on either side of the bangs. Cut them slightly shorter on an upwards angle, between the final bang length and the rest of your hair cut. These layers will help complete the wispy look of your bangs style. 

How to Cut Side Bangs

When cutting side bangs, there are two methods you can follow:

  • Option 1. Decide which direction you want the bangs to fall, and brush them in the opposite direction. Twist the hair towards the back of your head, then cut cleanly parallel to your scalp’s part. 
  • Option 2. Cut your side bangs as if they’re one-half of a curtain bang. Comb through your bangs and point cut into your bangs along a diagonal, moving in ¼ inch increments. 


When you cut your own bangs, you can follow any number of techniques to get different styles. Point cutting and slithering are best for wispy bangs, whereas curtain bangs and side bangs depend on the comb’s angle. Dry hair and sharp scissors are a must for all styles and hair types.

If you’re still feeling hesitant on how to cut bangs, be sure to ask a friend or a stylist before you take the plunge. But if you’re ready for a new look or a quick trim, cutting your own bangs at home can be an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to keep your hair healthy and your style fresh.

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