10 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, there’s a lot to consider. For example: Where on your body should you get it? What size would look best? What are the best tattoos for women? Plus, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of available design options.

 Of course, you also want it to be something timeless and that you won’t get sick of. 

Here are 10 cool tattoo ideas to give you some ink-spriation.  

Cute Tattoos

Cute Tattoos

A Simple Tattoo

There is no need for an overly intricate tattoo. Simple tattoo designs can look cute on any part of the body, and they especially look great in smaller sizes. The design possibilities are endless for simple tattoos and can be anything from initials, the moon, a word, or a shape. 

Matching Mother/Daughter Tattoos

Instead of trying to hide your tattoo from your mom – match with her! Matching tattoos for girls (over 18) and their moms are a cute way to celebrate your relationship. This is also a great way to remind you of each other if you live far apart. Design ideas can be anything from your initials, dates, puzzle pieces, or your favorite quote.   

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos can look cute anywhere on your body and in any size. They also look great if the design is intricate, simple, or anything in between. Popular animals to get as tattoos include elephants, birds, butterflies, and wolves.    

Sexy Tattoos

Sexy Tattoos

Thigh Tattoo 

Your thigh is perhaps the sexiest place on your body for a tattoo. Done correctly, thigh tattoos can be beautiful and alluring, drawing attention to your legs. For the ultimate sex appeal, consider large tattoo over the side of your hip and upper thigh in a floral or another vibrant pattern. Different flattering designs for thigh tattoos include small tattoos on the inner upper thigh or near your hip bone. 

Intimidating Designs

If edgy is your style, a hardcore tattoo can look womanly and attractive. Go bold with a large back piece or filling your entire arm with a colorful sleeve.   

Chest Tattoo 

While designs can be attractive, location is everything for a truly sexy tattoo, and tattoos on your collar bones or upper chest are known for their sex appeal. Because they are so eye-catching, if you decide you want a chest tattoo, it’s important to consider what designs will look best on your body.  

Tiny Tattoos 

Tiny Tattoos 

Tiny tattoos are cute and feminine. They look good on any part of your body but are perfect if you’re considering a tattoo on your wrist, finger, ankle, or even behind your ear. Any simple design can look good as a tiny tattoo, but here are a few unique small tattoo ideas:  

Palm Tree 

Keep a little piece of the tropics with you at all times with a small palm tree tattoo. 

Star Sign

Whether it’s to feel at one with your horoscope or commemorate someone’s important birthday, astrological symbols look very artistic and make great tattoos. 

Lotus Flower 

Instead of a traditional flower or floral design, consider a small lotus flower tattoo. The lotus is connected with spirituality and purity, and its soft shapes make for a very feminine tattoo. 

Meaningful Tattoos 

Instead of focusing on aesthetics, you may prefer a design that highlights something or someone significant in your life. Also, a meaningful tattoo will always feel special and important, no matter how many years go by – transporting you back to the memories that inspired them. Some meaningful tattoos ideas include: 

  • Signature 
  • Roman Numerals 
  • Barcode Dates 
  • Angel Wings 


Whether it’s your first tattoo or adding another piece to your collection, deciding on the right tattoo design takes time. These examples are a great place to begin your search for the best tattoos for your body.

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